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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Its Sunday!

Hello everyone, well I am very happy to report that I just received my first book for a book review, and I look forward to doing so. Its Sunday, and I dont know about you but they usually seem to be very LONG days! This book at Amazon looks good, though Im not sure what its about, however if you saw the movie then you might like the book as well!! Well, tonight Im going to make Italian Pork Chops for dinner, I hope it turns out the way I hope it will!! I collect recipes, and cookbooks, but I would really love to be a better cook. I am trying to visit lots of different blogs, and I usually find something neat or useful. Oh yeah, I wanted to write this, for some reason the site Clearance Crazy (thats the title) has been banned from my computer, so obviously there may be something attached to it, not sure, but just wanted to warn you to be careful. I get emails from them (I must unsubscribe obviously), and when I clicked on a link I got this HUGE warning, so I just thought I would share this with you.
My autistic daughter, A loves Disney movies, and I just signed up for the movie club, I got 4 neat movies for only $1!! Cool huh? :) I am hoping to come up with some original ideas for this blog, and hopefully will one day be able to do contests as well, as I love entering contests!! Also freebies, LOVE those, have received some really neat stuff!! I have also won 2 contests, both of which were books!! Ok while I am brainstorming for my blog here, I would like to wish you a very nice day!!

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