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Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday!!

A big HUGE welcome to my new followers, as well as a big THANK YOU!!  Today I thought of what to write on here, and I came up with several ideas. One of which is to list "best" things to go along with my title, however only do this once a week so as not to get too boring!! I will be doing my first "best" list tomorrow, so I hope you will check it out!!
Next, I came across another great contest, if you like using coupons then this is a great contest!!MomSavesMoney  I hope you will check it out!!
I am going to be looking at Nintendo Ds's this week, as I think they are quite fun!! Amazon has a great bundle deal Nintendo DSi + 2GB SD Card Bundle. They also have neat games likeMario Kart DS!! Well, right now I must feed my munchkin, I will have lots more in the next few days...  THANK YOU

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