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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hello,and  A BIG HUGE WELCOME to my new followers, thank you!!Well, I havent been online for a few days as I got caught up playing Mah Jongg on DS Lite, boy its fun but a little tricky!! My daughters 16th birthday was this past Monday, and it went very well. She had a sleepover with one of her best friends from school. I just cant believe she's old enough to drive a car now...Is everyone ready for Easter? Im not, at least not yet!! Well, its the 1st day of spring, and it poured down rain this morning!! And its very windy and cool. I must learn to post longer!! But I am so happy, I think I just need to take my time and figure out what I want to write. Well, I am a huge fan of 70's music-disco and rock,I guess cause thats the music I grew up with!! Does anyone remember roller skating at an actual roller rink? Man, I had some great times doing that!! That was the teen scene back in the day!! Now my teen just sits around playing video games.(We had arcades!!) Going to the arcade and movies was also very popular, and of course the mall. Now my teen doesnt get much physical activity(she considers walking around the school enough exercise!!),  I think its a shame. I know theres alot of moms who get their kids into sports early(my 2 nieces are) but theres also kids who do nothing but video games or being on the computer.I guess I said my piece about that!!

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